Meg F. Schneider, MA, LCSW-R

Adolescent and Adult Psychotherapy

Serving New York’s Dutchess, Ulster and Columbia Counties.

Specializing In:

  • Relief from depression, anxiety, self-destructive behaviors and painful relationship patterns
  • Guiding adults through complex and painful times of intense transition
  • Helping young adults through academic, social, and career pressures and expectations
  • Working with clients on issues of substance abuse, social concerns, eating disorders, Bulimia, family conflict and more…
  • Trauma (physical, sexual, emotional) work and EMDR…
Meg F. Schneider, MA, LCSW-R

I am a counselor and licensed psychotherapist who works with teens and adults struggling with poor self-esteem, depression, anxiety, anger, eating disordered behaviors, Asperger’s, loneliness and life transitions.

I am also an accomplished musician and understand well the trials and joys of the creative process.

I have been a contributor to The Huffington Post and am the author of many published books including; Difficult Questions Kids Ask (And Are Too Afraid To Ask) About Divorce, Sex and the Single Parent, and Just A Little too Thin.

I hold an MA in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University and an MSW from Fordham University.

I am also a practitioner of EMDR, a technique designed to alleviate long held negative beliefs associated with trauma by exploring and reprocessing critical memories.


I am presently only doing teletherapy.  I’m finding that it’s working very well.

Stylistically  I’m very active in my sessions so the silences many people fear are rarely if ever present.

If the need arises, and as Covid risks hopefully lessen, I am making plans to be able to see a few clients in person.

I am offering a free 15-minute consultation so that you can get a sense of of me before trying a session. Call 845- 876- 8808

Thank you.


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