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Healing Does Not Begin Right After a Tragedy. First Comes Grief.

I’m so very tired of listening to newscasters say “now the healing can begin” after families pass through the first few days of realizing they have suddenly lost a loved one. It is NOT time to heal. It’s time to … Continue reading


That will depend on how you define the word “boyfriend.”  The issue is degree of seriousness. If you are a monogamous serial dater or  have no really serious intentions about this guy then you have to be especially careful.   … Continue reading

EMDR- Trauma treatment that really helps.

EMDR:  TRAUMA TREATMENT THAT REALLY HELPS   Most of us have had some sort of trauma.  There are all kinds; everything from a sudden death in the family, to an accident, to being in a war zone, to finding out … Continue reading

Your Daughter’s Diary: Can You Read It?

Lots of parents ask me when it’s okay to read their daughters’ diaries. Before I answer that question let me explain something about that diary. It’s a very beautiful thing. It holds the confidences of an adolescent who has found … Continue reading

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