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A compilation of Meg Schneider's contributions to magazines and other publications:

Am I the only virgin in college?

I often hear this question, spoken with anguish, in my office.  It’s not the real question being asked, but it’s the one that’s easy to pose.  I always say “no.” I realize that all around you young men and women … Continue reading

American “Idle” Judges: What Did You Expect?

I don’t know why the judges of American Idol were so shocked when Pia was voted off. I’m not clear why Jennifer Lopez said, “What is going on here?!” or why Randy started rubbing his bald head in stupification. Steven’s … Continue reading

For College Kids: How to Eat Alone in the Dining Hall

So many depressed and lonely college students walk into my office describing the specter of eating alone in a campus dining hall as inspiring nothing short of anguish. Also bewilderment. How, they wonder could this problem even exist? There are … Continue reading

Why Kids Lose It at College

The parade of depressed, anxious and depleted students who walk through my office is endless. They feel tricked, cheated, stupid, unattractive, socially inept, and almost all of them ask this question. “What is wrong with me? These were supposed to … Continue reading

“Are You My Little Man?” No. He isn’t.

When dads move out children can feel very unsafe. This is so even if dad lives around the corner. But younger boys , especially those between the ages 5 and 10 often shoulder an additional not totally self-imposed problem. I … Continue reading

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