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A compilation of Meg Schneider's contributions to magazines and other publications:

Mom, What Are You Doing?: Caught Online Dating!

It was a quiet Friday evening. My sixteen year old son was upstairs studying. My eleven year old was downstairs with friends watching TV. And I? The white wine was to my right, the Ugg slippers warmed my feet, and … Continue reading

Daughters Who Choose Mean Boyfriends: Are They Yearning for Daddy’s Love?

A good friend of mine recently revealed that as her father lay dying, she whispered in his ear “Thank you for leading me to Jimmy.” Her dad had been a very loving man whose constant emotional support had given my … Continue reading

An Intervention in Hollywood

I don’t know Lindsay Lohan, but I’ve worked with many young drug abusers and their well-meaning co-dependent families, and I believe one thing is true. The Hollywood and media industries need to come together and stage one big intervention before … Continue reading

Troubled by Your Weight? Keep It From Your Daughter

Sometimes the most innocent comment, the one intended to support, or even simply be shrugged off, can contribute to a child’s unhealthy body image or distorted ideas about eating. Janet age 13, and her mother sat in my office both … Continue reading

Mom Has a New Boyfriend, and He’s a Jerk

A relaxed spontaneous love life is usually not the domain of a single parent. Nothing takes the fire out of a passionate goodnight kiss faster than the sudden appearance of a sleepy six year old asking for water. Few things … Continue reading

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