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Daughters Who Choose Mean Boyfriends: Are They Yearning for Daddy’s Love?

A good friend of mine recently revealed that as her father lay dying, she whispered in his ear “Thank you for leading me to Jimmy.” Her dad had been a very loving man whose constant emotional support had given my … Continue reading

An Intervention in Hollywood

I don’t know Lindsay Lohan, but I’ve worked with many young drug abusers and their well-meaning co-dependent families, and I believe one thing is true. The Hollywood and media industries need to come together and stage one big intervention before … Continue reading

Troubled by Your Weight? Keep It From Your Daughter

Sometimes the most innocent comment, the one intended to support, or even simply be shrugged off, can contribute to a child’s unhealthy body image or distorted ideas about eating. Janet age 13, and her mother sat in my office both … Continue reading

Mom Has a New Boyfriend, and He’s a Jerk

A relaxed spontaneous love life is usually not the domain of a single parent. Nothing takes the fire out of a passionate goodnight kiss faster than the sudden appearance of a sleepy six year old asking for water. Few things … Continue reading

When It Comes to Our Kids, Is a Little Marijuana Okay?

Adolescent use of marijuana has become almost as acceptable as staying out a little past curfew. Most agree the latter shouldn’t happen, but it’s understandable and — as long as things don’t get worse — easy to address with a … Continue reading

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